What We Do

Our Mission


At Xen-Z, our mission is to provide amazing virtual reality experiences at prices
that work. We offer a virtual world where users can feel the thrill of piloting a fighter
jet or the unparalleled rush of formula racing.
We’ve all seen action hero’s run through a hail of gunfire unscathed and somehow
save the city from certain doom – and we’ve all wanted to be part of that. With XenZ, you can live out the adventures we’ve all imagined – without the actual gunfire.

Our Promise


Our promise is a fun, safe, and immersive virtual reality experience delivered to
users of all ages. Our headsets are lightweight and comfortable, and they allow our
users with glasses to have a blast without the hassle of removing their glasses. With
Xen-Z, we take a great amount of pride in delivering an explosive 5 Minutes DEMO
completely free of charge
, without the real world explosion.

Our Services


Xen-Z proudly offer a wide array of virtual reality games and experiences in a fun,
friendly, and supportive setting. Our users can book online and dive in to our
extensive collection of team games with family and friends, take an adventure of
speed and precision in our motion simulator, or join a tournament and test your
skill and technique – the competition is fierce but you were built to dominate.