Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Reality

How do I book a session online?

  • Step 1. Open Book Now
  • Step 2. Select your experience
  • Step 3. Select date and time (subject to availability)
  • Step 4. Fill out the information form
  • Step 5. Complete online waiver
  • Step 6. Choose a payment method
  • Step 7. Proceed to payment

Can I book online without paying ahead of time?

Online booking requires payment to be paid in full. However, we encourage first time VR enthusiasts to visit us in person, try our 5 minutes demo and then make the payment.

Can I walk-in?

Absolutely, we would love you to try our 5 minutes demo for free. Our regular play sessions are usually reserved online so we highly recommend to book online ahead of time.

What's the refund policy?

 Station Refund Policy:

  • Notified us at least 24 hours in advance, we can either move the booking to other date (subject to availability) or issue a full refund.
  • Notified us with in 24 hours, we can move the booking up to 1 business day ahead however we will not be able to process refund request.

Mobile Event Refund Policy:

  • Weekday Events- Must provide us with 7 days notice for a full refund or to move to a different date
  • Weekend Events - Must provide 14 days notice for a full refund or to move to a different date

Can I move my booking to another date or time?

Yes, you can (subject to availability)

Can I wear glasses?

Absolutely! Our headsets are designed to be usable while wearing eyeglasses. We do recommend contacts if possible though.