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Virtual Reality Halifax

Virtual Reality Halifax

Virtual Reality HalifaxVirtual Reality HalifaxVirtual Reality Halifax

As Good As It Gets

Experiences - We Offer

Solo Play Session


With a badge, an old revolver, and a five o’clock shadow, most action heroes have said it at least once; “I work alone.” If a solo experience is what you’re looking for, Xen-Z has a wide array of single player games to choose from. Pick up a weapon and take aim at zero gravity in Skyfront or unleash your inner Neo and dodge bullets in slow motion in the massively popular Superhot VR. We offer 20, 30, and 60 minute solo play sessions; just enough time dominate the leader boards
– with enough time remaining to shave that five o’clock shadow…if you want to. 

Team Co-Op


 Okay, so you don’t really need a partner but you have a friend that wants a taste of the action – Xen-Z has you covered. We proudly offer a stout collection of team co-op virtual reality Halifax experiences that allow you, and your trusty sidekick, to team up and crush the competition. If you’ve ever wanted
to single-handedly rack a shotgun or unload a mag or two of fully automatic gunfire, try your
hands at Contractors
. If you’re looking for a little PVP and you have some calories to burn, take a shot at Creed: Rise to Glory. Imagine the Rocky theme as you unload punches to the body in a session of 20, 30, or 60 minutes

Motion Simulators


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a pilot and thrust a plane into crazy altitudes, try Aerofly. 

You want to unleash the raw power and unparalleled handling precision of a McLaren 720S, look no further than Project Cars 2. Navigate in and out of racing lanes and feel your tires skip across the pavement as you hit corners at 180 MPH. We now offer all of our motion simulated experiences in 20, 30, and 60 minute sessions – and a mirror so you can straighten your hair before heading off.

Immersive Reality Videos


There’s only one thing better than crushing game play for a solid hour; pics and videos of the whole thing. Whether you’re abusing leader boards in Superhot VR or your pumping more munitions into the atmosphere than Rambo on July 4th in Contractors, Xen-Z has pics and videos of your gameplay experiences available. With Xen-Z, if you’re opponent conveniently forgets that perfect right hand up the middle in a tense game of Creed, pop in the DVD and refresh their memory. You have every right – pardon the pun. 

In-Place Motion Capturing System


That’s riiii-iiiight, it’s here; Xen-Z has heard the requests and we’ve delivered. We now have the
ability to allow you to become more immersed in your favorite games than ever before. Now, you
can run, strafe, bend, and contort, and the nodes will capture it all. This means an intense, full body
game play experience
that is exclusively provided to the region by Xen-Z. Book online and let you dreams become your virtual reality in Halifax.

Our Gear - Best in Halifax

Let nothing hold you back

Wireless System, let's you move without hindrance. Making virtual reality an actuality.

VR Professional Headsets

Enhanced Optics - Spot every detail. Offers best in class gaming visuals. Easy to use headset which is both light and comfortable.

Room Scale Tracking

8 ft X 8ft of clear space to allow body movement. Replicating real-world movement in the game makes the game so much more fun.

Living the Game

Audio and Visual immersion into game. Haptic feedback which provides 3 levels of involvement. Don't just play, live the game.

Motion Simulator

Only location in Halifax with virtual reality game motion simulator. Be it either F1 Racing or Fighting Jet, we have it covered from all degrees of freedom in Virtual Reality Halifax at Xen-Z VR.

Sweat it Out

Walk, Run, Strafe and Bend in Virtual Reality at Halifax. Burning calories and playing games at the same time using our motion nodes.


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