Xen-Z VR Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

When it comes to birthday parties, every child loves a party with a different flavor; we all grow out of
the usual cake and ice cream with Aunt Mildred and Uncle Frank. With Xen-Z VR, we offer a birthday
packages that children over 10 will not soon forget in Halifax.

Imagine a birthday where children and parents alike can swing light sabers like Luke Skywalker
in Musical Jedi – or where they can unlock their inner Skrillex in Electronauts Virtual Reality
DJ. A vast assortment of games is available. 

  Surprise your children with an interactive VR experience with up to ten of their friends and family
members. Before cake and ice cream, the party is divided into three groups; red, blue, and green.
After some wicked player vs player action, the teams go head to head as well. Once completed,
players can enjoy solo or co-op sessions as well with each player getting 30 minutes of game time.

  After nearly two hours of action, then it’s time for cake and ice cream; the chips and soda are on
us. Food and drinks are limited to designated areas to ensure the playing experience is thrilling. 

Xen-Z VR Private Events

Private Events

Do you want the facility to yourself? We can do that! Private events are a great way to spend
uninterrupted time with friends, family, co-workers, etc. Maybe you’d like to host an event for a
special someone, XEN-Z offers a superb private VR gaming experience in Halifax.

Feel welcomed to bring your own food and drinks and enjoy private gaming sessions with up to
ten members of your friends, families, and colleagues. If you have a specific message or purpose
for the event, we will work help you select experiences that help make the desired impact. Maybe
you’re looking for a lighter experience like chopping pineapples with samurai swords in Fruit
Ninja or testing your hand-eye coordination in Racket NX.

  But some of us like the action. We need to slang some led like John Wick in Contractors. We
have multiple gaming options available for time slots just under two hours in length.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us; we’d love to hear from you!